WOD Progress

After 9 months of off and on shoulder injury in 2014 and a dedication to expand my company brand, I had to give CrossFit a backseat.  As a result, in 2015 I’m build from scratch he stamina, strength, flexibility, agility, mobility, cardiovascular, and all the building blocks of fitness. this journey unlike another will take more metal strength than any endeavor I have embarked. Not only was I once on the verge of being an elite athlete, and now beginning from start.  I deal with 10 or more days of traveling away from a stable workout routine. Looking at a lower weights on the squat rack, a slower mile time, total rounds well below the previous successes are now benchmarks I plan to achieve again and hopefully exceed.  The traveling yet a small hurdle to get to a pot a of gold. I do this page not as means to have followers, but rather as a way to hold myself accountable.  I end to be very motivate when the stakes are high but more importantly, I accountable fo the progress to complete the and measure the goals. If you so chose to follow, I hope my journey helps you.  My only goal is to participate in the 2016 open and achieve the same success I once had 2 years ago.  This being a benchmark I can measure. As or personal goals, I want to have the same level confidence and fitness to take on any challenge rather than fret it because I’m not sure I will have he capacity to complete it. All very doable. I did it once I can do it again.

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