Stretching, 6 reason why you should stretch by RX Review

Stretching: yeah we do that because our coach makes us do it before the WOD.

Seems taxing at times to spend 10-20 minutes stretching when all we want to do is kill the WOD or set a new PR in oly class. What if someone told you stretching could shave seconds off your benchmark WOD, or crush your hang snatch by another 10 lbs., or achieve that first muscle up.  Stretching might be worth a few more minutes.

Mobility is crucial to progress. Not only does it prepare the muscle for the WOD, but it also helps with recovery and reduction of injury.  All of which will keep you participating and performing day in day out.

The article below is a great write up of the reason why stretching should be just as important as the oly PR and faster WOD times.


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