There are many reasons why I love CrossFit; fitness, well-being, community. But here is one people forget, determination. At some point a WOD will come across which doesn’t necessarily push the motor, but rather pushes the ability to move past failure; the “I can’t or I quit.” I had one today where the wall hit me.  I was at point where holding a bar over my head just didn’t seem possible. I could have easily walked away from it (no one was watching me), skipped it, changed it. But instead as I watched the time keep going, I kept doing 1 rep at a time.  It wasn’t until safety of my skull on round 5 that I was forced to shed some weight, but I didn’t quit; I finished it. I wanted so badly to just stop. With every rep, I told myself what am acheiving by finishing, I can’t hold it for more than 4 seconds, I’m not getting a good workout. But for some damn reason I kept going, and before I new it I was done. What we often forget, CrossFit pulls the will in us out of us.  Somewhere I knew finishing, even if it meant being slower, even if it meant doing 15 reps 10 lbs lighter, was a win. Determination. #CrossFit


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