My WOD on Jan 3, 2013

Strength Push press- working toward 3 rep max 8×3, extend 1-2 rounds as needed 55,85,105,115,125,135,140,145,150, 155(fail) Results: 150 lbs PR Skill/ Technique 3 Position Clean – high hang, hang, power- all must have full squat and each will have 1 sec hold before pull. Working towards a 1RM, note this practice Results: 140 lbs. Racked Jerk- practice. Results: 35,55,85,105,125, 135 lbs Conditioning 3 RFT 10 lateral burpees (over lateral) 20 GHD sit ups 1 mile run Results: 28:40 – 6:30-7:00 mile. Note breathing was poor, hindered consistency. Notes: Push press PR 3 rep max, conditioning focus run, clean and racked jerk practice. Rx.


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