WOD Jan. 19th, 2013

CrossFit Yuma Partner WOD

400m run w/ MD ball (20/14)

100 wall balls

400m run w/ MD ball

100 Burpees

400m Run

Must do work separately, reps count is determined by partners


Winter Open Prep/ Practice run


Clean – Front Squat – Press

Press can be push, push jerk, split jerk.  Clean can be power or squat clean but have to reset before front squat)

End weight was 155#, amazing how tired legs get


2 minutes max HSPU with deficit (12″ with 2 abmats)

HOLY CRAP!!!  7.  Fatigue perhaps form Karen and earlier WOD. Should get at least 10-12

60 sec break

2 minutes max calorie Airdyne

60 sec break

1 round (Cap 15 minutes)

30 Thrusters (65#)

10 pull ups

20 Thruster

20 pull ups

10 thrusters

30 pull ups

7:21.  Really need to focus on more fluid pull ups. Better form will get me 1-2 minutes faster on time.

Fucked up Fran!!


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